Here’s a promotional video we produced for Springwood Guest House to help them compete against all the big Gatwick Hotels.

Here’s a video the crew put together for property developer Linden Homes. Nice, isn’t it!

This is a video we produced for Firebird Brewery in Surrey

Here I worked as second camera operator and sound recordist

One of the first videos I filmed as a freelance Camera Operator. It’s got over 26,000 views on YouTube!

This video we produced to test out our new product video production studio. It was not commissioned by Argos. We just used an Argos product to test the idea. At the time, on the Argos ecommerce website, this Subaru Impreza RC car was simply advertised with a couple of lines of text and two amateur grade still images shot from the same position. If Argos had a video like this for each of their products, they would double their online product sales. Think what that would be worth to them!

This is a sales training video for Fristam Pumps (the world’s leading hygeinic pump manufacturer. It’s a fairly long video, intended mainly for internal use.

We also shoot videos for Estate Agents. The agent was having difficulty attracting a buyer for the property featured in the video… Surprising isn’t it! Anyway… the video did the business and helped to secure a buyer at close to asking price.

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