Sussex based Camera Operator / Cameraman

As a freelance Sussex based Camera Operator, I working mainly in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Brighton and London.

The latest video I produced is here…

This video received over 400 views and generated 30 click throughs to the hotel booking page – within the first two weeks on YouTube!

My background

Before becoming a camera operator and video producer, I worked for more than two decades running a Direct and Online Marketing Agency.

Some of my clients wouldn’t pay for decent catalogue photography.  It used to drive me crazy!  So I took an ‘A level’ in photography and started shooting their catalogues myself, as part of the package.

Then I figured that video was going to explode on-line and that it would be the ultimate way to sell virtually anything.

As the result of this, I started gearing up to produce Product Videos. however I discovered there was a lot more to it than I had first thought.  So, I started studying film production.

Since then I’ve become obsessed with video production and camera work.

As the result of this, I’ve downsized my marketing business and launched myself fully into the video production business.

Hire me for a video production project

If you need a camera operator to help you filming a project, get in touch

If you need a video produced from start to finish, I’d love the chance to quote for it

I’m particularly interested in…

  • corporate video production work
  • short films
  • music video production
  • and commercials.

What I bring to the table, is good basic camera and lighting skills, plus absolute enthusiasm and passion combined with a professional work ethic.  This enables me to work to a high standard and adapt quickly to most situations.

I’m also a highly skilled and experienced marketing professional.  This is a big advantage for most of my clients – because the objective of most of the videos produced… is ‘to sell something’.

It’s my value add…  If you want to produce a video to sell something – I know more about this than anyone else you’re ever likely to meet in the video production business!

If you need a Sussex based Camera Operator / Cameraman for a…

  • Corporate Video Production
  • or someone to shoot Product Videos
  • a Camera Operator for your own production
  • or even a Camera Assistant for a larger production…  get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you.

Location wise, I cover an area roughly from London to Brighton (including the counties of Surrey, Sussex and Kent).

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